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PLC Partners, Solution Selection Consultants, Ireland

Solution Selection

You’ve made the decision to change your systems and you have one opportunity to make the correct choice. Where to begin and how to approach the selection process can be daunting – do you have the experience in-house?

Organisations face agonising decisions to upgrade or replace their application systems, and even more so now with radical changes in compliance and regulatory upheaval. Other change drivers are due to product innovation, vendor imposed release cycles and the demand to be close to the most recent system version.

We assist your organisation to identify the most suitable solution that matches your current and future requirements through a rigorous analysis and procurement process. Our framework takes into account the return on investment, business benefits, risk avoidance, and flexibility to ensure a practical and cost effective solution is procured.

  • Our impartial proven process ensures the selection of a solution that best meets your requirements
  • We align your business needs to the optimum solution thereby minimising customisations
  • Accelerate the selection process with our knowledge of products available in the marketplace
  • A solution that integrates with your existing technology landscape and future strategic roadmap
  • Enables process improvements and cost efficiencies

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Large scale projects are complex and face a multitude of challenges and uncertainty throughout the lifecycle, often leading to very mixed results. Our tailored approach is critical to delivering sustainable change and achieving business success.

We can support you by establishing, driving and consistently delivering high quality complex programmes.

PLC specialise in full life cycle project management and implementation. We know how to successfully manage large scale projects. We know the pitfalls that can arise and how to avoid them and manage expectations.

Our implementation specialists are experts at delivering solutions, and proving those solutions through our proven PLC - Method.

Our extensive experience working for both Client organisations and vendors provides a unique perspective of the drivers and challenges faced by both.

Once the decision is made to upgrade or replace the current systems, the assignment of a project manager, internal or external, is vital to the success of the project. The complexity is often increased due to the need to identify and retrofit the local, site-specific functionality back into the new version of the software, the integration into several 3rd party and legacy systems, and end user business processes that span multiple applications.

The PLC Partners Method (PMI® aligned) helps to ensure the most rapid and efficient project deployment success. We can deploy the specialists to bridge the gap between your available resources, solution needs and vendors, to ensure the successful, quality and efficient deployment of the chosen solution.

The impact of technology change often leads to significant disruption to your business operations. Where to begin and how to approach the change can be daunting? We can help to manage and deliver the operational and organisational changes required to grow and sustain your business.

  • We align your business operational processes to the chosen solution.
  • We prioritise communications as an essential element of the change process.
  • Deliver incrementally based on prioritised value
  • Our well proven process ensures a repeatable process with the resultant efficiencies.

Our business change specialists manage the impact of technological change to business operations through traditional change management activities such as training and communication and through the specific journeys of change. Our aim is to make the change positive for the people affected knowing this is a key component of meeting stakeholder expectations and in measuring project success.

Are you seeing any of these symptoms? Projects not completing, dissatisfied customers, complexity in service, a lack of visibility, staff turnover or dissatisfaction, or difficulty recognising revenue. Our independent assessment will clearly identify the core issues underlying the symptoms.

We will review your overall capabilities with regards to your ability to professionally deliver your services, identify opportunities for improvement and provide the know-how and visibility to effect change.

In order to get a significant insight into the current operation, PLC employs a proven capability model approach which will gauge your service maturity in a number of areas.

  • Recommend and guide improvements to streamline the internal and external capabilities
  • Provide the tool and techniques to manage consistently and satisfy expectations
  • Support through project management and project specialists with extensive practical experience

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Looking for an independent assessment of your Information Systems and your current technology risk profile?

Our specialists are all hugely experienced in their particular fields and maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the ICT market, in terms of the latest trends, solutions, product availability and the capabilities of different vendor companies.

Our assessment of both your Operations and core IT systems by senior experienced professionals is short and focussed examining ongoing operations, vendor management and ability to meet current and future requirements.

We report on system observations, key challenges, gap analysis and recommendations that are practical, achievable, driven by real need and will include cost- saving opportunities.

Do you require a short-term independent program, project management, business or technical consultant’s expertise for an initiative?

Often it is difficult to meet demand with an already stretched team – we work with you to flex your team as needed to ensure that you meet your goals. Our approach enables you to have access to highly skilled and flexible resources that can seamlessly fit into your organisation and immediately add value.

  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Organisational Change Practitioners
  • Business Analysts; Test Managers; Trainers; Technical specialists

Our people are multi-disciplinary and have extensive experience across numerous sectors. We concentrate on your success and profitability and become a member of your team for the duration of the engagement.

Through our Partner program we maintain a network of expert Partners offering a range of complimentary services:

  • Custom Software Design and Development, both onshore and nearshore capabilities in development integration and implementation on .NET Framework and SharePoint based projects.
  • Data Protection Expertise: offing advice, support and training to assist organisations with putting compliant, practical data management structures in place.
  • ERP System Integration: strong expertise and experience in the implementation of a range of ERP Systems, with significant industry knowledge, experience and certified Dynamics AX resource.
  • Maintenance and Support Services: support focused on high-quality, cost-effective resources through secure offshore facilities with a range of software maintenance and support services to cater for customers’ requirements
  • Project Management Training: Competency based approach to training services concentrating on certified project management, software project skills and management skills.
  • Testing Specialists in all aspects of software testing and business process testing providing managed test services, test consultancy, and resourcing services.
  • Ideas & Innovation: a company that is not constantly looking to add new services or products will eventually be overtaken by it's competition. One sure way to beat the competition is to out innovate them.

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Further information

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